Who we are and what we do

We are a French company with expertise in social media marketing. We promote physical products through advertising on social networks. We focus on the European market.

We develop our own e-commerce stores for each particular product we sell and we source our products with the help of partners.

We identify new trends on particular products and capitalize our marketing efforts on them while they (the products) are still at the beginning of their trend curve.

To each product we sell, we begin first by selling the product in white label. This allows us to be on the market as quickly as possible to find a product market fit.

Then, if the product works well and if customers are satisfied with the product and if we meet our profit target, we try to push the whole thing as a brand to build a long-term business. With customized products, packaging and logos. And for more satisfied customers.

The e-commerce market has been growing exponentially for years and we believe this is only the beginning.

We focus on customer relationship

We believe that the most important things in our business in order to seek success are: (a) good marketing, (b) good products (c) and the best possible communication with the customer in order to build good customer relationships.

This is why every time we make decisions, we keep in mind our human values and think customer first in order to build trustworthy and profitable e-commerce brands in the long-term. Even though we may be agressive in marketing.